Catherine Brown

Trials in Our Nature

Trials in our nature,
   – our discourse we sowed
belonging, none to save,
   Ways dispersing our soil
no amount is left: gained
   – or lost subtlety in such
making – ways to slumber
   with never enough
goals needed maintaining
   accomplishments, no dreams
those inward glories –
   so far from achieved, un-
approachable, tenacity is
   given over, with nothing
no more awaiting –
   the undertaking stripped
from pride, only to
   realize our sad
battled reality no luxury to
   treat: haven’s glory
unpunished economics
   the grand scale – wasteland
Thus President’s urgent
   emergency: tiredly, unceasingly
scapegoating inescapable
   forums – placating retells
sad stories, earthly sentiments
   – as times overshadowed play-by-play
anatomy, lessening our needs
   adhered unblinkingly from mouth un-
heard spoken by societies
   ever social likings – my own hand
tries unaccomplished as the rest
   unemployed stars – and this the
grave all upon piling upwards
   my debts uncovered – forseen
Relinquish nemesis portraying
   the absurd – ever displaying qualities
attuned, unsubstantiated
   Our nature’s trail along
the land’s wooded path –
   leaving myself alone –
decimating in dirt’s poor substance


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